buckwheatBuckwheat is a healthy, naturally gluten-free whole grain. Yes, despite the name, it’s not related to wheat or grasses in the wheat family at all. I like to use buckwheat groats to make overnight porridge or to make flour that I later use for pancakes or other awesome baking. I also like to sprout it and make breakfast bars.

The scoop on buckwheat*:

  • It’s very high in nutrients. It contains higher levels of zinc, copper, and manganese than other cereal grains.
  • It provides a very high level of well balanced plant protein, though we don’t end up digesting all of it.
  • It’s very high in fiber (soluble), which helps maintain balanced blood sugar levels and also helps us feel full for longer.

Interesting to know:

  • Bees are attracted to the flowers of the buckwheat plant (or better said the pollen) that produce a dark and uniquely flavored honey.
  • The buckwheat plant (leaves & flowers) is also used as medicine to improve blood flow, treat varicose veins, prevent atherosclerosis and treat diabetes. The effectiveness of buckwheat for these uses is still being researched.**

Bottom line?

A diet that contains buckwheat can help us stay fit, active & healthy.

Recipes with buckwheat
Recipes with buckwheat

Health info references:

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