Seasonal Produce

All fruits and veggies have a particular time of year when they are at their peak. Eating according to the seasons is important for a healthy and sustainable diet.

  • It has a host of benefits for our health. Fresh, local produce is not picked prematurely and has unbeatable freshness and nutritional value.
  • It has less impact on our pocket.
  • Less impact on the environment. It reduces our carbon footprint through less around-the-world transportation and storage.
  • And it supports local business.

Also, enjoying the tastes, colors and uniqueness of each season is fun, delicious, and very, very easy!

So, what is best growing seasons for each fruit and veg in Western Australia? We are going to regularly update a ‘guide’ to help us and you know what and when to buy.

Shop healthy and please bear in mind that the availability of seasonal produce may depend on location and climate, as well as from year to year!

Spring Produce ( September – October – November)

Summer Produce (December – January – February)

Autumn Produce (March – April – May)

Winter Produce (June – July – August)

Winter extra: preserved fruit and veg.

One of the best things about winter is that we can enjoy the produce of other seasons as well, if we store food in a cool, dry place. We can also can, preserve, pickle to increase variety throughout the colder months.

Legumes, grains and seeds

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