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Welcome to my very first cookbook! Along with my blog and my business, this cookbook ‘Nourishing Noodles – Spiralize Nearly 100 Plant-Based Recipes for Zoodles, Ribbons, and Other Vegetable Spirals’ is my proudest achievement. I never would have imagined I would ever (ever) publish my own cookbook and I still cannot believe it today.

Today is a HUGE day. Because it is the day when ‘Nourishing Noodles’ is available for orders at all these retailers. Ahhh! I am bursting with excitement as I type this. I hope you will love the book and the recipes and I hope they will inspire you to cook, spiralize everything in sight and fall in love with fruits and veggies a little bit more.

Tales of a Kitchen // Nourishing Noodles Cookbook


How the cookbook came about

The past year has been a roller coaster for me. I’ve been secretly concocting, dreaming, developing, testing, cooking, testing again, styling, shooting, editing and writing … almost 100 recipes! I have been cooking literally non stop, 7 days a week, all waking hours – when it wasn’t for the book, it was for my business or the family. I have had so many noodles for so many months I swear I began to look like one. I spiralized everything in sight! I made best friends with the farmers at my local markets, got my hands on the best and freshest produce, chased perfectly sunny afternoons for photo shoots and raced against the sunset everysingleday. I have washed so many dishes to last me a lifetime and I would do it all again in a flash.

So what’s in the cookbook

There are almost 100 photographed recipes including breakfast, appetizers and snacks, soups, entrees aka mains (both cooked and raw) and all sorts of sweet treats made with fruit and vegetable noodles!

There are smoothie bowls, veggie wraps and rolls, noodle canapés (pear noodles with dates and cashew cheese), warming soups (miso noodle soup), hearty soups (caramelized pumpkin soup with curry sweet potato noodles), noodle salads that circle the world (Thai noodles with cucumber and sprouts, Japanese sweet potato noodles with ‘mayo’ and yuzu dressings, Moroccan turnip noodles with Za’atar, preserved lemon and ‘yogurt’ dressing, Italian pasta marinara two ways), Mexican black bean vermicelli salad with avocado and tomato salsa). For dessert, this cookbook stretches the imagination and tempts you to play with noodles in new ways to create the easiest, fanciest and healthiest treats like carrot cake, coconut sugar apple pie with blueberry jam and vanilla ice cream, butternut squash pancakes with maple syrup and raspberries, sweet potato brownies and more.

Tales of a Kitchen // Nourishing Noodles Cookbook

The cookbook also comes with DIY recipes for heaps of kitchen staples and basics, condiments, toppings, sauces and nut based cheeses. They are all easy and approachable recipes, I would dare say fun and rewarding to make! From curry powder and crumble, turmeric dukkah, coconut ‘bacon’, spicy and smoked nuts and seeds that will turn your salads from yum to ‘OMG!, to nut cheeses, homemade raw mustard and ketchup, preserved lemons, pickles and ferments and even your own vegan kimchi.

The majority of recipes are gluten free and the entire book is vegan.

What else?

  • Every recipe has both cup and gram measurements.
  • Majority of recipes have a photograph that I styled and shot.
  • All the recipes are just as uncomplicated and delicious as the recipes you know and love from my blog. They’re quick with few exceptions that involve either the dehydrator or pickling/fermenting.
  • There’s helpful information on stocking the pantry and my go to staples. I share what kitchen equipment I use and what you’ll need to make the recipes.
  • There’s a quick ‘How to’ guide on how to spiralize every vegetable and fruit in the cookbook.
  • It’s YUM!

Get your hands on a copy today!

Use & browse the hashtags #nourishingnoodles and #nncookbook on Twitter and Instagram to share your Nourishing Noodles Cookbook recipe images! And post your photos on the TalesofaKitchen Facebook page any time of the day or night. I cannot wait to see what you cook!


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