Blog disclosure

I am not a medical doctor or registered dietitian. The information on TalesofaKitchen is based on readings, research, conversations with the wise and my personal experiences with food and life.

TalesofaKitchen is not written under pressure and does not contain MSG or preservatives. Prolonged and repeated exposure to its content is recommended for better understanding and friendship.

The purpose of TalesofaKitchen is to inform and inspire healthier eating choices, not to give out prescriptive advice. Use only as directed. When it comes to your health and nutrition, do your own research or speak with a health care provider.

I take no responsibility for recipes turned crummy. Results may vary and you might dislike a recipe or two. (Wait, whaaat?) My thoughts are you messed it up somehow. (Poke.) Nevertheless, feel free to tell me I’m completely nuts (I go bananas after nuts!) in the comment section of the specific article. Be nice, polite and constructive. Add a smiley face that will make my day and I will not delete your comment.

Just in case. If I said or will say something silly at any point in the past, present or future (I err therefore I’m human, right?), that silliness is mine and mine alone. No shame. I am constantly learning and discovering the leftovers on my plate, so there’s a chance I might spot and pinpoint my own silliness at a later date.

Read my blog, but cook and eat at your own risk. And season the information liberally.

Serve this disclosure with a dash of humor.

X Chris

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