Roasted chestnuts and cozy Sunday afternoons

Tales of a Kitchen // roasted chestnuts

As the weather cools off, there’s nothing I love more than to cozy up on Sunday afternoons. A cup of tea with freshly picked mint from the garden, a book, a blanket and something baking in the oven to fill the house with tantalizing aromas, that’s all I need to be happy. Sometimes it might be a sweet potato brownie. Other times simple, roasted, spiced nuts with chili and tamari. Or almond cookies, apple tart or…chestnuts!

I probably eat chestnuts only a couple of times a year, when they’re in season, and both those times chestnuts are meant for roasting. Do not even try to serve them to me any other way; only roasting makes sense in my world. Only roasting allows them to develop the rich, meaty, nutty flavor that tickle my taste buds. Tales of a Kitchen // roasted chestnuts

So here I am, today. Laptop on my lap (only for a little while), check. Hot mint tea, check. Kindle ready and waiting, check. Blanket wrapped tightly, check. Chestnuts in the oven (not the ones pictured, duh, those were yesterday’s feast!), check.

Tales of a Kitchen // roasted chestnuts

Tales of a Kitchen // roasted chestnuts

Before I dive right back into Maya Angelou’s biography (a must read!) and my hand goes elbow deep in the cookie jar chestnut bowl, I’ll share with you some links and favorites I stumbled upon recently. Hope you’ll find them as entertaining, interesting and inspiring.

  • This gives me hope for the future
  • Each post is the most interesting mini documentary
  • Remember you’re just a tiny dot. Get perspective for everything, in everything, about everything. PS: you might find your city there. I found Perth!
  • Note to self – never stop exploring.
  • On a more serious note, sign this and get your friends to sign it too (sugar tax petition). I just did.
  • More seriousness, get on this. May 20. Get involved, spread the word, every little bit helps.

PS. Chestnuts are super good for you!Rich in mineral salts, vitamin C, B1 and 1 and folates. And….they’re super scrumptious warm and freshly roasted.

Tales of a Kitchen // roasted chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts

Makes as many as you want


  • chestnuts
  • blanket, hot tea, fuzzy socks


  1. Preheat your oven to 200C.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut a cross into the skin of each chestnut and add all chestnuts to a pan.
  3. Roast the chestnuts for about 25 to 30 minutes, until the skin opens and they are tender inside. I tend to begin checking them every 2-3 minutes after 20 minutes of roasting to make sure I don’t burn them. If it’s your first time roasting chestnuts, I recommend you do that as well as it’s so easy to forget about them and if they burn in the slightest, they will harden too much and you will not be able to enjoy them without cracking a tooth or two.


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