Persian eggplant and crushed walnut dip (Borani badenjan)

Skinny dipping, Persian style.

persian eggplant dipFor three days in a row we have been enjoying some beautiful tiny Persian sweet breads with our morning coffee. What a treat they are were! And because we were so successful in recreating them, we decided to try another (easy) recipe from the same book. This time we chose to make an eggplant dip, for one single reason: we love eggplants. Love ’em!

So far, we’ve made quite few variations of an eggplant dip, including the traditional one we grew up with, but never with yoghurt. And since there must be a first time for everything, here we are talking to you about this very smooth dip, with wonderful smoky, lemony and creamy flavors…and with yoghurt.

persian eggplant dipTo make 1 bowl (about 6 servings) we used:

1 big eggplant 
2 garlic cloves 
2-3 TBSP olive oil 
2/3 cups (170 g) yoghurt (or 1/3 cup tahini for vegan)
juice of 1/2 lemon
pinch of sea salt 
walnuts, to serve

First, we grilled the eggplant, turning it on all sides, until charred. Once cooked, we placed it in a bowl and covered, allowing it to steam for 10-15 minutes. Once it steamed and cooled slightly, we peeled and roughly chopped it. We then added it to the blender with the garlic cloves and the rest of the ingredients, all except the walnuts.

Once the dip was ready, we placed it in the fridge and prepared the walnuts. We toasted, chilled and coarsely chopped them and, when ready to serve the dip, we sprinkled the walnuts on top of it. We served with freshly baked bread.

If you’d like to find out (and try!) more Persian recipes, stay close. We have few others planned. Also, you might want to give this cookbook a go (left). We must have bookmarked half the dishes in it!

C. & B.

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