Carrot and hummus rolls

Hummus. Just another excuse to eat veggies.

carrot hummus rollsWe’ve been making our own hummus for a long time now and we can definitely say that the home made version does not even come close to the store bought one. Taste is better, ingredients used are of better quality and freshness, it’s healthier (with fresh and organic ingredients and no preservatives or colorants) and best thing about it? We can pretty much adjust the taste each time to fit our mood. At times we make it spicier by ‘accidentally’ adding more chili flakes/paprika, or maybe creamier by adding more tahini or olive oil, other times we might be in the mood for lemony or garlicky hummus.

carrot hummus rollsWe even adjust the consistency depending on what we are using it for. When we dip veggies or flat bread in it, we make it ‘silky smooth’ and light. When we use it as a pizza base or for rolls (such as these carrot rolls) we make it a bit thicker. So many options, so few chickpeas!

carrot hummus rollsWe first made these carrot hummus rolls few weeks ago when we had people over for dinner and wanted something a bit different than the classic bowl of hummus with sliced veggies on the side. We served them together with a simple caprese appetizer and few cheese filled cucumber rolls. The carrot rolls were the first to go! Bite sized, crunchy and creamy, they’re quickly addictive.

To make about 24 we used:

1 cup cooked chickpea 
3 TBSP tahini 
4-5 TBSP olive oil 
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 big garlic clove, grated 
1 tsp cumin 
sea salt, to taste 
hot paprika, to taste
chili flakes, to serve 
parsley, to serve
1 big carrot

We cooked our own chickpea, we rarely buy canned. We left it to soak in plenty of water overnight. Rinsed it the second day, placed it in a pot with plenty of water (again) which we brought to a boil, then simmered for about 1.5 hours. We gave it another rinse once it cooked.

To make the hummus, we added all the ingredients to the blender and wizzed until we got a smooth, thick mixture. Now is a good time to taste and adjust the seasoning as needed.

We ‘shaved’ the carrot with a veggie peeler and began to assemble. We added about 1/2 teaspoon of hummus to each carrot piece, making sure there was some at each end (it’s what holds it together), and gently rolled it applying slight pressure to make sure it sticks.

We served with chili flakes/paprika, a bit of freshly squeezed lemon and fresh parsley.

carrot hummus rollsC.

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