Roasted pepper salad

Taste of home.

This is a classic simple salad which probably everyone knows made. And though it can probably be found in many types of cuisines, to us it’s the taste of home. It’s something that both our mothers would make at the end of summer/beginning of autumn. They would roast loads of red and green peppers and the smoky sweet smell would enwrap the entire back yard (and the neighbors’ too! oops). Some would be then preserved in jars with a beautiful sweet and sour dressing and some would end up in the freezer so they could be served all autumn and winter. Frozen roasted peppers keep their texture and flavor beautifully and can be used to make many types of dishes.

This roasted pepper salad recipe is a classic in Romania. It is served either by itself or with cheese (as a starter), or with meat (as a side dish).

To make them we used:

1 kg of green long peppers (red are good as well)
2 TBSP olive oil
2 TBSP Sherry vinegar (white vinegar is good as well)
1 tsp raw sugar (we used Rapadura)
1 small garlic clove, grated
pinch of salt, pepper to taste

We first roasted the peppers on the barbie, turning them on all sides, until the peel turned brown-black and was slightly burned. “What can be better than a lazy Sunday afternoon, beer in one hand and barbie tongs in the other?” (So he says.)

Once the peppers were roasted we put all of them in a large bowl and covered it with a lid. We then let them rest and sweat for about 15 to 20 minutes. Patience is key at this point. Now we KNOW they smell and taste aw-mazing already, but we must really let them rest and cool. It makes the peeling process so much easier!

Meanwhile we prepared the dressing – we mixed together the rest of the ingredients until well incorporated (sugar must be dissolved).

Once the peppers were peeled, there was nothing more to it – we smothered them in the sweet and sour dressing and finished them off in one sitting. To make the experience even more fun and childhood-like, we left the peppers whole (did not chop or slice them) and grabbed them by the stalks to eat. Finger-lickin-good. Literally.

Yes, you could of course remove the stalks and the seeds and serve the salad in a bowl with forks and knives. But why?

B. & C.

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