These are some of the cooking tools and appliances I use. I hesitated before buying some of them, but today I could not live without a high speed blender, a food processor and a spiral slicer. A dehydrator, cast iron cookware and silicone molds also make a world of difference in my day to day kitchen adventures.

I believe in investing a wee bit of money in good quality kitchenware; it is more reliable and requires less servicing. While it’s not easy to part with a bucket full of cash in some cases, I’ve learned that in the long term it’s the wiser decision. And cooking, eating, staying healthy is a lifetime affair.

If I’d have to choose one appliance most worth investing in, I’d go for a high speed blender anytime. You can use it for smoothies, soups, spreads, flours, dips, nut pates, raw desserts, raw cheesecakes, soft serve ice cream, homemade nut/seed butters and what not.  You’ll use it all the time and forever.

Remember though that you don’t NEED all these items to begin your journey to a whole foods life and you can always look for more affordable brands.

blenderMy Vitamix blender is my best friend and my most treasured asset. From smoothies, soups (cooked and raw), sauces, creams, raw desserts, flours, nut and seed butters – it does it all for me, reliably and fast. In my opinion, it’s indestructible and the 7 years warranty means I’ll have it for a long time.

Before my Vitamix, I owned other blenders which were breaking down with annoying precision and which I was having serviced at least a couple of times a year. With servicing and all, my previous blender ended up costing me more than a Vitamix.


food processorI use a Breville and I love it. If you’re not ready for a blender, make friends with a food processor. It will make you soups and sauces, creams, some raw desserts, dips and hummus and it will grind nuts and seeds. I hear Cuisinart 9 Cup is also a good food processor.

spiralizerMy vegetable spiralizer was love at first use. And while a recent addition to my kitchen, it is so frequently used that I feel I’ve had it forever. It can be used to make raw pasta and noodle dishes out of any vegetable or fruit that’s firm enough. It can also be used simply to fancy up salads. I use a Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer. I find it easy to use and easy to clean.

dehydrator I use a 5 Tray Excalibur with Timer. It’s a great machine that helps me make raw bread and crackers, raw cookies, raw wraps, fruit and veggie chips, raw vegetable stock powder, cheese wheels and plenty more. I would recommend this type of dehydrator with trays rather than the circular one as I find the later has a more limited use; it is not ideal for breads, crackers, wraps or fruit rolls. I would also recommend a dehydrator with timer vs one without. You can also simply use your oven at it’s lowest temperature until you are ready to make the commitment.

chasseur A good casserole goes a long way for those slow cooking days. I’m very grateful for our double enameled cast iron Chasseur 26cm & Chasseur 22cm casseroles. They retain heat extremely well and allow for even temperature cooking. They can be used on any cooking surface (flame, oven, induction, electric) and are an ideal choice for almost all cooking needs (slow braising, simmering…even popping corn and other grains).


rice cookerI use a 5.5 cup Tiger rice cooker to cook all my rice. It’s easy, I don’t have to keep an eye on it and it keeps it warm until ready to eat. I also use it to steam veggies, if serving them with the rice. More recently, I started to cook all my grains in the rice cooker as well and find it works beautifully. Other foods that go in my rice cooker are quinoa, millet, amaranth and buckwheat.


Other items that make my life in the kitchen so much easier are a good veggie/fruit peeler, a good mandolin for slicing and dicing and a good set of sharp, fierce knives.