Rainbow carrot noodles with yuzu miso sauce + a charitable fun run

raw carrot noodles

I am so happy I dusted of the good ol’ spiralizer because these might just be the most addictive, colourful and easy noodles I have made.

I scored the most beautiful heirloom carrots at the farmers markets and pretty much bought as much as I was able to carry. You all know I love food rainbows so you can understand why I could not leave any behind. In the same bunch I had orange, red, yellow AND purple carrots. Jackpot!

And because these carrots are so fancy (and a tad pricey) I wanted to prepare them in a way that highlights their natural flavor, sweetness and crunchiness and, of course, the colours. Raw noodles was obviously my first choice.

raw carrot noodles

The dressing is a simple blend of flavor packed ingredients like miso, ginger and yuzu juice, a sour type of citrus found in Asia. If you cannot get your hands on yuzu or bottled yuzu juice, the recipe works well with lime juice or even lemon combined with orange juice.

Before I move onto the recipe, bare with me a wee bit, I need to tell you all (and the rest of the world) that I signed up for a great fun run taking place here in Perth, the HBF Run for a Reason. I’ve been taking part in the race pretty much since moving to Oz, but what makes this year a little bit more special, is that it’s the first year when I am trying to put together a team. This year, for me, is more about having fun, a good laugh and fundraising, rather than pace and time and fastness.

I feel a wee bit vulnerable writing this, as the topic is quite personal and emotional, but…last year I was diagnosed with kidney disease. Or better said, I was informed that I cannot receive a diagnosis because, despite all the tests and the scans and the probing and the blood sucking, the teams of doctors cannot tell me what foreign object/matter/creature/tiny person/mucus/fungus/growth/exotic bacteria resides in my left kidney. I might be making jokes, but I’m not kidding. What spices things up is that I received this news at the exact same age my grandmother passed away from an undiagnosed kidney disease. And did I mention my uncle was born with 4 fully functioning kidneys? Weirdness runs in the family? I say yes, my doctors say no. Coincidences? I say no way. My doctors say yes. I say what are the odds? They shrug their shoulders.

It’s not all bad, but it’s not good either and there are many decisions to be made and come to terms with, but then again it could be worse. And for those who do have it worse, adults and children alike, humans who were diagnosed much later in the progression of the disease, humans who have to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant, I’ll run and fund raise on May 22. As much as I can. And I’ll try to make my voice heard in whatever way I can.

kidney health check

Because kidney disease puts a big, fat stop in your life and limits what you can and cannot do. Because kidneys are a bloody big deal and what I find to be a particularly ‘interesting’ fact (to be read outrageous) is that despite the major function kidneys play in our lives, we rarely talk about them. Because pee is just not cool table talk. Because we need to talk more about it and we need more research and more answers. We all know the heart is important, the brain is important, cholesterol levels need to be in check, but what about the 2 bean shaped things below our rib cage? It’s silly kidney health is not something anyone seems to be concerned with until something goes terribly wrong, when we’re in pain. But by then there might be irreversible damage already. So here’s me, after 3 trips to the ER already, telling you that pee should be on everyone’s mind. Because that’s all you really need to do to check your kidney health – go pee in a cup. This non invasive test is in most cases all you need to do to find out if all is well.

Fancy these stats:

  • 1 in 10 people in Australia have indicators of chronic kidney disease
  • 90% of people who have it have no idea they have it until it’s too late
  • each year more Australians die with kidney related disease than breast cancer, prostate cancer and even road deaths – all these are on the news and talked about almost every day and while I’m not diminishing their importance and am happy they have gained so much needed attention, we also need to talk about kidney disease and we need to stop it from taking so many lives because …
  • kidney disease is treatable….when detected early!

kidney health check

Read about it, put two and two together then book a visit with your GP and go pee. No need to panic now, just go pee. Take a step further and tag your friends along. Take your kids, take your wife, take your mum and dad.

Also, if you’re in Perth, come join my fun run team here and if you’d like to support my fundraising efforts please check out this page and read my full story. It’s not that interesting really but, being the geeky foodie that I am, there’s lots of cheesy food funs which I’d like to believe are funny as. Funds go to Kidney Health Australia, whom I have met and chatted to. They do a lot of work for sufferers and provide invaluable support in the management of the disease. And they need a lot of help. My help. Your help.

In hoping to get more attention and more people talking about kidney disease, kidney health and just kidneys, just because, I’m starting I’ll be (over)using the instagram hashtag #meetyourkidneys. Let’s talk about them! Let’s talk more about drinking water. About hydrating veggies and fruits and what foods are good for our kidneys. About checking in with our GP once in a while. About all the little things we can do to have healthy kidneys. Because better knowledge is better care, for ourselves and for our families.

Now let’s make some noodles shall we.
raw carrot noodles 02

Rainbow carrot noodles with miso yuzu sauce

Serves 1-2


  • 3 medium carrots (different colours if available, but regular carrots will do just fine)
  • 1/3 cup hemp hearts
  • 1 TBSP white miso
  • 4 TBSP yuzu juice (or lime or lemon)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 cm piece of ginger
  • a drop of sesame oil
  • 2 TBSP water
  • To serve: lime wedges, fresh basil, mint, toasted sesame seeds and extra hemp hearts – all to taste


  1. Begin by making the dressing. Add all the ingredients to a small blender and blitz until you get a smooth creamy sauce. Scoop it into a medium sized bowl.
  2. Spiralize the carrots and add the spirals to the sauce.
  3. Depending on what spiralizer you use, you might have the carrot cores leftover – you can finely slice these into round discs and add them to the noodles.
  4. Toss everything well to coat the noodles thoroughly in sauce.
  5. Add the toppings, as much as you want, and serve immediately. I personally like to drown my noodles in fresh herbs.
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