Happy Bean Day


Since we are in a full season of celebrations, I would like to carry on in this spirit and celebrate  National Bean Day today! It is mostly a US based celebration (why?!), but since beans have so many attributes and are such a big part of my diet, we will all celebrate it together!

So Happy Bean Day everyone!

Not only do I love beans because they are easy to cook and serve, but because of the health benefits they provide as well. Be it in salads, vegetarian meatballs, burgers or falafel, soups, in spaghetti sauces, or just a simple snack, beans are moreish, delicious and yummy!

Moreover, THE BEAN is super famous all around the world!

  • Bean carbs have been proven to drastically improve the stability of blood sugar levels in diabetics. This way, many diabetic adults have been able to reduce their dependence on insulin through diets containing substantial amounts of beans.
  • Beans are an extremely beneficial component in all diets because they are high in complex carbs, protein and dietary fiber, low in fat, calories and sodium, and  cholesterol-free.
  • Apart from all the other great compounds – one that I found to be super important is folate. Our bodies do not produce this B vitamin, thus making it so important to take it from our daily food. Beans are the best source of folate, which is great in the cell division process of the body.
  • According to researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, folate may help reduce the risk of cancer, being crucial for repair of damaged cells in the body. For this reason it was also found that it is beneficial that women consume beans during the early months of pregnancy. But hey, don’t believe me, check the resource links below.

Totally random bean fact: A 1907 resolution introduced by Minnesota Senator Knute Nelson states that while the Senate is in session, bean soup must be served daily, regardless of the weather.

“A bean job”: It is said that in ancient Greece minor officials were elected through a bean game. They would put one white bean and many black beans in a pot. Whoever picked the white bean got the job.

One of the nature’s healthiest foods, beans are fat free, cholesterol free and provide important nutrients such as fiber, protein, folate, calcium, iron and potassium.

It is even the World Health Organization that has concluded that eating beans can be an important factor for overal wellbeing and may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Just 5 more reasons to love beans!

  • Helps control cholesterol
  • Helps in cell division and reconstruction
  • Full of folate and fiber
  • No fat
  • Easy to cook

Cooking tip: Soak your beans overnight in water, then drain, rinse and cook the next day. This helps make them more easily digestible.

Storage tip: If you do not have the time or do not find beans often at your local market, you can over-buy when you do find them and store them in the freezer. Cooked beans can be frozen for up to six months. When you want to eat them, just overnight them in the fridge before reheating.

Fun facts.

  • Beans often cause flatulence due to the sugars called olligosaccharides present in it, which are hard to digest by our digestive fluids alone. So intenstinal bacteria helps, releasing gas as a by-product.
  • They’re among the oldest cultivated crops in the world. They’re even mentioned in the Christian Bible when Jacob aka Israel prepared a lentil stew for his brother Esau.
  • Peanuts are beans! Sort of. They’re legumes, which is another name for beans.
  • Soybeans are beans!

So let’s cook some beans today!

Beans, corn and avocado Mexican fresh rolls

mexican beans and corn fresh rolls

All things CHICKPEA

Middle Eastern rainbow salad

Tales of a Kitchen / Middle Eastern rainbow salad

All things PEANUT butter.

Salted peanut butter cups

Tales of a Kitchen / Saled peanut butter cups



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