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Tales of a Kitchen / Homemade hand cream to nourish and boost circulation

The other day I posted a lengthy blog about how I made my own hand cream using essential oils, a hand cream that helped me treat my chillblains successfully. I believe essential oils are gorgeous and have such nourishing properties. I use them in my baths, as a deodorant, topical treatment and disinfectant, and for aromatherapy – aka to make everything smell pretty and to help my body feel good.

Did you ever stop to think about what you are inhaling every day? Perfumes of all kinds are mostly toxic as they are filled with dangerous synthetic chemicals you do not want in your home nor in your lungs nor in your brain nor in the billion of cells that make up your body.

Tales of a Kitchen / Healthy candles made with essential oils

What we inhale is so very important. It’s as important as what we eat and what we put on our body. Which brings me to the topic of this post. Healthy candles! Yes, there is such a thing as healthy candles. Candles which not only are not toxic for your body, but they actually support your body to be the best it can be. Candles that can reduce stress, improve sleep, improve mood, to name few ‘side effects’. Candles made with essential oils and no nasties.

My friend Sylvia recently launched her own company here in Perth, S Aromatherapy, making such candles and I am her biggest fan. I absolutely adore them and I will talk a little about my favourite one, made with lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang. I have one burning on my night stand as I am typing this – it’s my favourite one not only because I am in love with the scent of these particular oils but because it soothes my evenings, it helps me relax before sleeping and I find that it simply makes me happy (also and most importantly it helps with my PMS and anything that helps with PMS is my best and most favorite thing).

Tales of a Kitchen / Healthy candles made with essential oils

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils in the world. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, soothe headaches and protect our cells against damage (among many other benefits). It can improve sleep, both length of sleep, time to fall asleep and restfulness. Also, lavender oil improves mood. If you’re aiming for these particular benefits, it’s best to diffuse lavender oil before going to bed (don’t forget to put off the candle though before sleeping!).

Chamomile essential oil also helps improve sleep, helps our body fight anxiety and sadness, calms the nerves and relaxes our body. And inhalation is the best way to take advantage of these properties as the fragrance is carried directly to the brain. You’d think it just smells pretty, but it’s more than that when it comes to pure essential oils.

Isn’t chamomile simply the gentlest, most soothing scents? I often find myself taking a big sniff of dried chamomile flowers before making the tea, simply love it.

These two particular oils can also help with PMS symptoms. I love to use a combination of bath + candle + gentle massage for the win. In the bath I use eucalyptus, clary sage, cypress and rose – I find this soothes mild body aches, cramps and also improves my mood. The candle helps with my mood, it calms my senses, it helps me relax deeply and simply makes me happy. For massage I use a combination of clary sage, cypress, lavender, chamomile and frankincense with coconut oil as a carrier. I gently massage areas affected by cramps and I find it works just beautifully. Would you be interested in me posting the recipe of my massage potion?

Tales of a Kitchen / Healthy candles made with essential oils

Sylvia’s candles are beautiful and made with a passion for supporting our bodies to be the best they can be. Her story of why she started her business is truly moving and inspiring.

It all started when… My father received a cancer diagnosis and soon after passed away. I was a full time researcher and work-a-holic. Working and studying full time, while taking care of a sick parent lead to chronic stress. Although our journeys may be different, I know what stress and pain feel like. This is my healing journey… and I’m grateful to be able to share it with you. In my journey of healing, I pondered illness and the link between our external and internal worlds. I realised that the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the thoughts we think are all linked to our own wellbeing. I believe that small steps in our lives and small changes in our environment can lead to an increase in wellbeing, promoting overall health.

S Aromatherapy candles contain only natural, sustainably sourced soy wax and pure essential oils. We believe that the therapeutic properties of 100% pure essential oils extracted from plants are powerful tools to help us shift mood and mind states. They invoke the ability to create calm, a sense of ease and clarity as well as rejuvenate and uplift in a completely natural way.

Tales of a Kitchen / Healthy candles made with essential oils

Let’s get to know Sylvia.

So Sylvia, what does food mean to you?

I grew up in a home where my mum grew most of our vegetables, and cooked everything from scratch. Having a Hong Kong Chinese mum and Polish dad meant a real diversity of food, and fusion of flavours! Food is such a big part of my life, for our extended family, and with my chosen family (my friends!). Since losing my father and a few other loved ones to terminal illness, and from this choosing to eat a plant based diet, food is also what fuels my body, it’s nourishing and supports my health. These days I grow my own vegetables and my mum grows even more! Eating organic foods is really important to me, too.

What I’m trying to say — food is my life!

What is your IG about?

I started @perthveganeats to share my vegan food finds with my friends… little did I know that many of the vegans in Perth wanted to check out what I eat, too! There’s nothing to the blog… I eat lots of vegan food, I like taking photos, and I share them with the community online! It’s a pleasure to do so.

I suppose this is how I share veganism. I am an ethical vegan, first. And I do believe that sharing where and how easy it is to eat vegan food is a form of nonviolent activism. Many people who are new to veganism or don’t know much about it may have the preconceived notion that it’s difficult to be vegan or they must miss out on their favourite foods. But it couldn’t be easier (healthier and tastier) to be vegan these days! The blog is my proof of this 🙂

What is your favourite food to cook?

How am I meant to answer this question! I just declared my sheer love of food in the last two questions! If I had to choose, I absolutely love making soups from veggies my mum grows. There’s something really special about soup, we eat it a lot in my family.

THE food you cannot live without?

CHOCOLATE. A close second would be bananas…. or avocados.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 5 foods would you bring with you?

Is this a practical question where I can get my nerd on, or a completely hypothetical as if I have an endless supply of these 5 foods? I’ll go with the second. Bananas, avocado, chocolate, ice cream, and hazelnuts. I love all of these foods! Think of the delicious things you could make with this!

Finish these sentences:

Food is… LIFE!

Cooking is… my time to self care, self love, and be mindful. To nourish my body with healthy foods I cook from scratch. I have a list of things I do when I’m feeling a bit low or tired, and one of them is to cook a mindful meal. This always puts a smile on my face (and fills my belly).

Life is… FOOD!

Healthy is… mindful eating, mindful thinking, mindful breathing and mindful movement. The intention behind each action is what deems it self supportive or otherwise. If we are aware of why we take certain actions or thoughts, we can choose to live a healthier life.

Love is… EVERYTHING. Love is expressed in so many different ways. In my family and friendship circle, food is how we share love and spend time together.

Favourite foodie quote: 

“I’ll have one of everything”

You can find Sylvia’s candles here.

Tales of a Kitchen / Healthy candles made with essential oils

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