Two types of chocolate

There’s more to life than chocolate, but not right now.

The first time we decided to make chocolate (together) we must have talked for more than half an hour about what to put in it. Alas, unable to agree. That is, until we realized  we can each have our own. Duh! After all, what’s better than a chocolate? Two!

On the left, we have his nutty & soft hazelnut chocolate. On the right, her cistrusy-fruity chocolate with vanilla, orange and raspberries. Both dark & diabolically delicious!

For the chocolate we used:

40 gr cocoa butter
1 TBSP coconut oil 
3 full TBSP raw cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 TBSP raw honey* 
1/4 tsp cinnamon (we like our chocolate dark)

To one we added

1 handful raw hazelnuts

And to the other:

1/4 tsp vanilla extract
zest of an orange (unwaxed and washed well)
1 handful dried raspberries

* replace the honey with maple syrup or Rapadura sugar for a vegetarian/vegan version.

We began by placing two baking sheets on a chopping board. On one we arranged the hazelnuts and on the other the dried raspberries.

We moved on to melting the cocoa butter, coconut oil and honey in a bowl over a hot pot of water. Once melted, we added the cocoa powder. We then added the cinnamon, took it off the heat and placed it in ice water for 1 minute, stirring. We took it out of the water and continued to stir the chocolate, slowly, for about 5 minutes, until it began to thicken. We more or less tempered the chocolate.

Once it reached the desired consistency, we poured half of the mixture on top of the hazelnuts. In the remaining half we slowly stirred in the vanilla and orange zest, then poured it on top of the raspberries.

Salivating unceasingly, we marveled for a couple of minutes at our accomplishment. We then placed both chocolate barks in the fridge and impatiently waited for about 30 minutes to devour them.

Following this endeavor, we came to 2 conclusions:

  1. Say YES! to making and (definitely) eating chocolate.
  2. Chocolate always delivers.

C. & B.

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