Top 7 raw chocolaty desserts

There are 7 days in the week. 7 notes on the musical scale. 7 continents on our beautiful planet. 7 dwarfs in the story. 7 stellar objects in our solar system visible to the naked eye from Earth. 7 colors in a rainbow. And, now, 7 raw chocolaty desserts ready to be added to your recipe box.

Raw cacao makes magic, anyway you use it. Add it to nuts and dry fruits to make truffles and it will get you hooked. Add it in a strawberry chocolate cake and you’ll be a star chef. Mix it with a ripe banana to make a chocolaty sauce and you’ll be licking your fingers. Mix it with avocado and boy oh boy you’ll have yourself one surprising mousse.

Here they are. My 7 precious, delicious raw chocolaty desserts. My 7 best. Just click on any photo that tickles your taste buds and it will take you directly to its recipe.

tiny aromatic cacao truffles

My best cacao truffles, all gooey and addictive

walnut coconut and chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich

Walnut coconut and chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich

chocolate walnut brownies

Rich walnut cacao brownies

triple layered chocolate cake

Triple layered chocolate cake

orange cinnamon churros with chili chocolate sauce

Cinnamon orange ‘churros’ with chili chocolate sauce

Strawberry chocolate cake

Berry walnut chocolate cake with strawberry sauce

chocolate with raspberry filling 02

Chocolate cups with raspberry sauce filling

I’m sorry if you’re drooling by now. I probably should have given you due notice at the beginning of the post. But decided not to. I am evil that way.


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