Chocolate gifts and treats and New Years celebrations

December is the month of warm cookies, mulled wine, hot cocoa, quiet evenings, book reading, and family get togethers; well, more or less. With the summer temps sky rocketing here in Perth, mulled wine is more icy kombucha, warm cookies are pushed aside in favour of nice cream bowls, hot cocoa is replaced by refreshing smoothies. That being said, family and quiet time and books are a constant. And so is chocolate, in one form or another.

I put together this blog post for you to count the many ways I love chocolate and hopefully to inspire you to whip up a treat or two for your NY celebrations. Treat your friends and families with homemade goodness, nothing beats that. You get to choose what goes in, you get to pour love into every piece and you get to revel in their enjoyment. You get to create happiness and spread love and isn’t that the best way to wrap up a year and kick off a new one?

There are so many ways to make a healthier chocolate (without butter, sugar, milk and so on). You can use soaked cashews as a base, coconut oil, cocoa butter or even fresh avocado!

For me holidays are just another opportunity to put a healthier spin on traditional treats. Because I don’t take joy in indulging in foods that leave me bloated, on a sugar high, with mild indigestion and tired and sleepy. I want to eat, even have a full belly, but then I want to carry on and enjoy the rest of the day/evening and time spent with family. So I make food that I love, food that loves me back, food that leaves me energized and feeling happy and nourished.

Enough chit chat for now, let’s start the list of healthy homemade chocolate recipes!

Bites and pieces. Cookies, truffles and actual, real chocolate.

Dark chocolate quinoa cookies

Tales of a Kitchen / Dark chocolate quinoa cookies
Raw coconut Nutella Fudge

Raw coconut Nutella fudgeChoc orange fudge truffles

Tales of a Kitchen / Choc orange fudge trufflesNutella caramel macaroons

Tales of a Kitchen / Nutella caramel macaroonsChocolate salami

Tales of a Kitchen / Chocolate salamiDark chili chocolate party bites

Tales of a Kitchen / Raw dark chili chocolate bitesRaw carob chocolate

Tales of a Kitchen / Raw carob chocolate

Nutella raspberry slice

Tales of a Kitchen / Nutella raspberry sliceOr maybe just a ‘classic’ brownie

Tales of a Kitchen / Sweet potato brownie

If you think making your chocolate is serious business, a tad too difficult or complicated, think again. Check out this video and then continue scrolling down.

If you’re feeling like a cake is needed

Choc cherry cheesecake

Tales of a Kitchen / Choc cherry cheesecake White and dark choc mousse cake

Tales of a Kitchen / White and dark choc mousse cakeChoc caramel cheesecake

Tales of a Kitchen / Choc caramel cheesecakeChoc banana cake

Tales of a Kitchen / Choc banana cakeStrawberry walnut chocolate cake

Tales of a Kitchen / Strawberry walnut chocolate cakeOr if you’re feeling extra fancy and want to impress your loved ones try The Forbidden Fruit!

Chocolate mousse with a soft berry center, encased in berry chocolate, with chocolate soil elements.

Tales of a Kitchen / The forbidden fruit - choc mousse encassed in berry chocolate with chocolate soil elements

Whichever treat you choose, I hope you will have a great NY!

Big love! And bigger hugs. xx


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