Banana toffee pots de creme, raw and healthy

banana toffee pots de cremeThe other day, my little business catered for a great gala event, hosted by an amazing group of women in a beautiful location at Perth Town Hall. Fancy cocktail dress, special occasion celebrating great achievements and all around healthy, nourishing foods – my kind of an event. 100 Women is an inspiring giving circle, a non profit run entirely by volunteers (the loveliest of women!), with 100% of membership donations given out to charity. Yes, 100%! All of it. Their sole goal for 2014 was to fundraise $100.000 AUD in donations to make up a grants fund to support worthy causes. Sounds ‘easy’ right? With commitment and dedication, they achieved this goal and on the evening of the gala, 3 worthy non profits were awarded with the much needed grants to carry on their work, in disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas. Make sure you visit their website, read about their work, join their giving circle, be part of the change. They are planning bigger and more exciting things in the upcoming year!

banana toffee pots de cremePart of the canape food service of the evening, we created raw, healthy banana toffee creme de pots. In which we dipped some truffles for an even ‘naughtier’ dessert. They were incredibly popular, because they are insanely delicious. Rich, gooey, sweet, full of flavor – the canape jars came back squeaky clean, makes sense.

Now, we are not at a cocktail event today. So feel free to fill those jars to the brim and skip the truffle, focus on the cream. That utterly addictive concoction that will have you asking for seconds.

banana toffee pots de cremeTo make pots de creme you do not need heavy cream, animal milk, eggs or tonnes of sugar. To make this recipe, you only need a handful of nourishing ingredients, but they must be good ingredients. Makes a world of difference. Get yourself a wee bit of the amazing raw cacao butter (coconut oil would be delicious as a substitute, but would not lead to the same deep, rich layer of flavor). Get yourself a small packet of mesquite powder, it’s what adds a subtle layer of toffee flavor and it is incredibly nourishing. You can also use it in smoothies or to make other gorgeous desserts. The most important thing is to get yourself some super ripe bananas and have patience until they ripen some more. For the best results, they need to be very very ripe, until the skin turns completely brown and inside it hosts a mush of sweetness, packed with gorgeous flavor. The best and safest way is to begin ripening them at room temperature until they turn spotty and place them in the fridge until turning brown completely. It takes few days, so you do need to prepare for this recipe, but once you have your ripened bananas, the recipe is only a 10 minutes affair plus some chilling time (this is not mandatory though, you can bury your face in a jar, or the blender, right after you whip it up).

banana toffee pots de creme

Banana toffee pots de creme

Prep time: 

Chilling time: 30-40 mins
Makes:  3-4 servings


  • 3 very ripe bananas
  • 1 tsp mesquite powder
  • 1 flat TBSP raw honey (or maple syrup for a vegan version)
  • 35g of cacao butter
  • To top: extra mesquite powder or raw chocolate (melted and poured over the cream)


  1. Melt your cacao butter either in a dehydrator at 41 or bain marie.
  2. Add the bananas in a blender and blitz them until silky smooth.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and blitz for few more seconds.
  4. Pour the cream into serving jars.
  5. You can serve them as they are or sprinkle some extra mesquite powder. My favorite way though is to add some raw 100% dark chocolate on top. Chill the cream in the fridge for 20-30 minutes, pour melted raw chocolate on top in a thin layer and return to the fridge until the chocolate sets (10 minutes). This will create a crisp layer of chocolate on top and what a delight to crack into it to get a spoonful of the luxurious cream.
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