Walnut & Almond Crescent Cookies

All you need is love…and cookies.

These must be one of the most delicious tea/coffee cookies! Morning or afternoon – they’re perfect. They’re very delicate, with subtle flavors of walnut, almonds, butter and vanilla. Very easy and fast to make & bake, they can be on the table within minutes.

Best part about these cookies? As days pass, they get more tender and more flavorsome!

Now we know that these cookies do not quite fit the ‘most healthy’ food category. That is why we only make them a couple of times a year and don’t make that many. Just enough to remind us of home and Christmas traditions in Romania – the reason why we chose to stick with the traditional recipe that calls for sugar, butter, flour and egg (we did skip the white refined sugar though and used raw sugar).

A healthier version can be made for sure by simply substituting butter with coconut oil, the egg yolk with a ‘flax egg’, white flour with wholemeal (spelt) or substituting some of the flour with more almond/walnut meal. For a vegetarian version simply substitute the butter and the egg yolk with the aforementioned.

Whichever way you decide to give this recipe a go – the traditional or the ‘bit more healthy’ – we’re sure you’ll love these crescent cookies at least as much as we did.

To make about 25 cookies we used:

125 gr white flour
50 gr walnuts (ground)
30 gr almonds (ground)
90 gr butter (unsalted) (coconut oil for veg.)
40 gr raw sugar
1 egg yolk (flax egg for veg.)
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste
pinch of sea salt

We first preheated the oven at 150C and covered the baking tray with baking paper.

By hand, we mixed the flour with the sea salt, grounded walnuts and almonds, sugar, butter (at room temperature, cubed), vanilla bean paste and egg yolk. We only mixed them until completely incorporated.

We then began to shape the cookies. We took little pieces of dough, rolled them until they reached the thickness of the little finger, only 5-6 cm in length, and shaped them like a crescent.

We placed them on the baking paper, quite close together but without touching, and baked them until slightly golden at the edges. It took us about 12 minutes to bake them, but it may as well be 10 or 15 – it really depends on the oven.

Once we took them out of the oven and allowed them to cool, we showered them with almond meal and served them with tea. Be careful when you take them out of the oven. They are very delicate so it would be best to just leave them cool in the tray in which they were baked.

We hope everyone is having an amazing time during this holiday season!

C. & B.

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