Pesto kale avocado brekky sandwich

Morning surprise with lemony flavors.

pesto kale avocado sandwichOk, we’ve all had a gazillion sandwiches during our lifetimes. For breakfast, for lunch, as a light snack. At our laziest (sometimes) even for dinner. Normally we wouldn’t be bragging about topping a slice of bread with few leaves and some fresh chopped veg, but this is one heck of a sandwich like we haven’t tasted before. So we rushed here to write about it.

It has crunch from the pine nuts and walnuts in the pesto (yum!). It also has bite from the kale (all hail kale for the wonderful things it does for our bodies!). Thanks to the avocado, it’s oh so creamy. The sun dried tomatoes and the lemon juice add extra layers of flavor and perkiness. To add to that, it’s packed with so much healthiness! Fibers, heart healthy nutrients, vitamins like A, C and K, calcium, iron and magnesium, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and what not! It is a definite must make, all the more so as it requires no time, no skills, no concentration, no nothing but an appetite.

pesto kale avocado sandwichBut before we go eat, due respect should be paid to the bread we found this Sunday at the farmers’ market. ‘Tis one of the best we ever had! And works wonders in this open sandwich. It is a whole grain (100%) sourdough bread, with sesame seeds and linseed. Huge ho-hum! With practice, we can only hope our breads will be so good (sigh).

pesto kale avocado sandwichTo make this rainbow of a sandwich we used (quantities just for 1):

1 thick sliced of supergoodness bread
2 TBSP pesto 
1 kale leaf 
1/2 avocado, sliced
2 semi sun dried tomatoes, thinly sliced
1 TBSP roasted pepper sauce 
2-3 TBSP fresh squeezed lemon juice
olive oil drizzle 
freshly ground pepper
sesame seeds sprinkle

As for the assembly, there is no rule. Top up everything in the order you think best (purpose is to stack so that it stays together), grab with both hands and dig in. The bigger the mess, the tastier it will be!


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