Local review: New Ethic vegan brunch

Vegan, wholesome food has come a loooong way lately. Far from munching on carrots and lettuce leaves all day, we now revel in beautiful vibrant plant based bowls (like this one or this one), ‘buffalo mozzarella’, coconut yogurt layered cakes, chickpea water based meringues, eggs made from coconut and sweet potato, and so many more.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a vegan brunch degustation, hosted by a new local (vegan) catering company called New Ethic, you can find them here. This little review is not sponsored, I booked and paid for myself, chose to attend because the menu sounded exciting and innovative. And it did not disappoint!

Tales of a Kitchen / Vegan mozzarella with tomatoes and basil

The brunch started with a wonderful, light course of ‘buffalo mozzarella’ with activated charcoal sourdough crispy bread and heirloom tomatoes cooked in different ways – fresh, roasted, marinated, dehydrated and infused with smokey flavors. The latter was my ultimate favorite tomato ever – imagine a whole, heirloom cherry tomato, slightly roasted and injected with a smoky mouse-like filing. It was a divine surprise! This beautiful, refreshing start to the meal was one of my favorites – the mozzarella was silky, smooth and quite close to what you’d expect from it’s traditional version.

Tales of a Kitchen / Crumpet with banana, nutella, hazelnut crumble and chocolate mousse

Second course was a crumpet with vegan, house made ‘Nutella’, banana cooked 3 ways, the most addictive roast hazelnut crumble and a beautiful, silky, mildly sweetened chocolate mousse. What I particularly liked about this course was the balance of flavors and sweetness. When you hear Nutella + crumpet + banana + choc mousse, you’d automatically think of an overly sweet concoction, however the New Ethic version was light, just sweet enough, with crunchy, gooey, nutty, soft and refreshing elements, which together were just right.

Tales of a Kitchen / 'Scrambled eggs' with asparagus, peas and black truffle

The third course was as beautiful. A slightly salty tofu ‘egg’ scramble buried under a lot of greens – peas, asparagus, Manjimup black truffle and foraged samphire, the latter hand picked for the event by the chef himself. You cannot not appreciate the love and passion for food when you hear the chef personally forages ingredients himself.

Tales of a Kitchen / Pmpkin gnocchi with kale, mushrooms, 'feta' and herbs

Fourth course of the degustation was probably my favorite dish of all, a beautiful medley of pumpkin gnocchi with beautifully prepared mushrooms of all sorts, a huge and absolutely delicious kale chip, house made ‘feta’ cheese and fresh herbs. What I particularly loved about this course, basides the ‘feta’ (oh my goodness!) was that the mushrooms were all prepared in different ways, some sauteed, some roasted, some fresh and crispy, some marinated and some pickled. I am a massive mushroom lover and when they’re prepared so beautifully my world just makes perfect sense and all the planets align.

Tales of a Kitchen / Chamomile panna cotta with orange and 'mascarpone'

To wrap up the feast, we were served a beautiful, refreshing chamomile panna cotta, with orange and ‘mascarpone’. Oh my goodness, the house made, slightly salty ‘mascarpone’ was a delight against the sweet-citrusy flavors! I inhaled everything on that plate.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, full of interesting, delicious flavors and surprises. If you’re in Perth, you can find out more about New Ethic in the link I provided above. They regularly host vegan events and degustations and provide catering services.

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