Honorary July recipe round up

So many delicious things happened in my kitchen during the month of July that it’s a pity to let them go into the archives without an honorary round-up. Silly me, being busy cooking, I forgot to put together one. Fortunately, the food on my blog does not expire, nor does it lose it’s deliciousness. Ever. So let’s take a walk down memory recipe lane and see what tempts our taste buds and tickles our bellies.

For Breakfast…

…as per my usual self, I made you porridge, bars and fruit salad. The porridge is a rich and flavorsome apple buckwheat porridge that involves no cooking, just overnight soaking. Ticks the effortless box. The bars are yummy and gooey and full of wonderfully nutritious nuts and seeds and activated buckwheat. You have got to try them! The salad is big, bright and bursting with positive energy. No matter what you put in it and no matter how you slice ‘em, a fresh bowl of fruits is bound to make your tummy pretty dang happy.


No respectable healthy recipe round up is complete without smoothies. In July I made you three. I made you a mint cacao frosty created as an excuse to curb an afternoon chocolate craving. Guilty as charged! The superfood smoothie is a pretty potent concoction with tremendous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tastes like berries (because it’s made with berries) and is very filling. The mint matcha fruit smoothie is one of my favorite pick-me-up afternoon treats! It gives me a boost of energy, clarity and focus to tackle the second half of the day and tastes just like a sweet, citrusy rainbow of flavors, which lift the spirits (if they need to be lifted) from the first sip. So, which one will you try?

Gorgeous healthy snacks

I love these snacks so much, you cannot imagine how greedy I am when I make & eat them. The zucchini rolls are made with creamy sunflower seeds pate (big YUM!), some sprouted buckwheat, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. They are very rich and filling and would make for a great lunch too! The hummus is the result of many recipe perfecting trials. I now follow it to the letter every time I make hummus and it flawlessly gives me the smooth, creamy, silky dip that I come to love be addicted to. Whenever I make this simple, humble dish, there are no leftovers! Especially if I serve it with fresh carrots, celery, capsicum and the soft, nutritious dehydrated bread below. It’s cumin flavored and perfectly pairs with any dip you fancy.

My favorite dinner

This warm French lentil salad is my ultimate go to comfort food during colder times. Or summer. Or anytime of the year. It’s made with two of my favorite ingredients: creamy Puy lentils and earthy mushrooms – they bring so much happiness to my tummy! When I cook them together I always end up eating too much.

Crazy sexy healthy desserts

The lemon bars are the most airy, silky, melt-in-tha-mouth-in-one-second lemony dessert that I could ever dream of creating. If I could get you to try one sweet recipe from my blog, this would probably be one. The lolly cake is a gorgeous, successful raw makeover of a classic-ingredient recipe. It has 5 layers of goodness, and packs nuts, seeds, fruits, coconut, mint, lemon, avocados, beetroot and lavender buds. It’s a true wonder that you must at least admire! The green apple sandwich is a simple, perfect, healthy, post workout snack.

Lately I’ve become slightly obsessed with matcha and that can easily be noticed. Check out the simple lemon matcha truffles, perfect with a hot cup of herbal or green tea. I also made you matcha chocolate, a brief moment of pure genius. Yup, very green, vibrant, superfood loaded chocolate with crunchy macadamias, pepitas and goji berries. Yes, you must! And if you’re a sweet, gooey kind of person, I made you caramely, doughey guilt free balls of goodness.

Lemon & olives

I have not talked a lot about canning, pickling and preserving on this blog, but it’s something I like and something I do a lot of. It’s very easy, highly rewarding and free of the nasties you usually find in store bought jars and cans. Check out how easy (and much cheaper!) it is to preserve your own olives! Once they’re ready, you can marinate them in your favorite flavors and enjoy them at any time of the year. I also have a lot of lemons to use up, thanks to my overly abundant lemon tree. If you’re experiencing the same problem luck, check out an easy peasy method to help preserve fresh lemon juice and zest for long periods of time.

I also feel I cannot talk enough about the chemicals we ‘eat’ through our skin, not only our bellies. Our beauty and cleaning products are loaded with all sorts of funky ingredients that I cannot even pronounce, so if you haven’t looked into using cleaner, more natural products, please don’t postpone it. For your own well being. Also, if you’re a DIY type, check out my take on a home made sugar lemon body scrub that works wonders on my (normal to dry) skin. It smells amazing and de-stressing, leaves my skin soft and hydrated and feeds me with the best nature can give.


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