Homemade breakfast bagel

Can you guess how good today’s brekky was?

These bagels are so good and addictive, we wouldn’t recommend making too many at a time. They are perfect for breakfast (especially if you have it outside, admiring the sunrise…hopeless romantics, we are), for a light lunch or afternoon snack. They’re even great topped with some homemade jam (in which case we shouldn’t be too generous with the sea salt when we make them).

They’re also so versatile when it comes to serving – they go very nice with pesto, avocado and tomato (they way we had them), or with salmon, rocket, cherry tomatoes and capers…or simple cheese and ham…They go anytime with almost anything we have in the fridge. Really.

For 6 mini bagels we used:

1 cup wholemeal spelt flour 
3/4 cups white organic flour 
3/4 cups warm water
6g high active (instant) yeast
1 tsp raw sugar (we used Rapadura)
pinch of sea salt
1.5 TBSP sunflower seeds (toasted)
1.5 TBSP pumpkin seeds (toasted)
2 TBSP linseed
2 TBSP bicarb soda
sea salt for topping

First, we sprinkled the yeast and the sugar over 1/4 cup of the warm water. We let it do its thing for about 5 minutes and then we stirred well until yeast, sugar & water were fully incorporated.

Second, we proceeded to making the dough. We mixed the flours in a large bowl, sprinkled sea salt, made a well in the middle and added the yeast mix and the rest of the warm water.  We mixed to make a dough and kneaded it for about 10-15 minutes. The dough should be moist, but firm, it should hold together and not be too soft or too sticky. After kneading, we covered and allowed it to rest for 1 hour in a warm place, until double in size.

To have everything ready for the next step, we toasted the seeds and allowed them time to cool before adding them to the dough.

After 1 hour passed, we punched back the dough and kneaded in the seeds, with minimum action as possible. We then covered it again and allowed it another hour of rest & rise time.

After the hour passed, we put a big pot of water to boil and divided the dough in 6 equal parts: we first divided it in 2, then each half in 3 parts. We took one dough piece and rolled it into a little ‘snake’ on the flour-covered-counter, until about 2 times longer than the width of a hand. We pressed squished the two ends together, rolling slightly until well ‘glued’ together (if the ends are not well glued together, they will come apart later on). We did the same with the rest of the dough pieces and, when finished making all the bagel shapes, we allowed them a final 10-15 minutes rest & rise time.

About now was a good time for us to preheat the oven at 200C.

Once the water was boiling, we lowered the heat so that it would only simmer, we added the bicarb soda and lowered one bagel at a time in the water. We ‘boiled’ the bagel 1 minute each side, then took it out on baking paper. We continued doing the same with the other bagels.

Once all were done, we placed them on a baking tray (covered with baking paper), sprinkled sea salt on top (but not on the ones we were planning to have with jam) and put them in the oven. In about 20-22 minutes they were done – all golden, crisp and firm.

We cooled them on a rack for about 15-20 minutes and after sharing one we already started to talk about how to make the next batch – with sesame and poppy seeds, or with seeds on the outside. Yum!

Enjoy your mornings and final holiday preparations!

C. & B.

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