Fresh spiced up fruit salad

A vitalizing and colorful salad, packed with summer goodness.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated and it definitely does not deprive us of anything. We can choose healthy, tasty, real food that looks amazing, that is filling and also good for our bodies.

Fruits (as if anyone needs more reasons to eat fresh fruits!) contain many vitamins and minerals that help us prevent disease and promote good health. They are good for our eyes, immune system, skin, heart, bones, teeth, brain and even our overall happiness! They boost our metabolism, help us improve our memory, help us fight infections, give us energy and what not!

Now, we don’t have fruit salads everyday. We generally bite and munch on one or two fruits at a given time, add them to salads or various other dishes. But on a lazy, sunny summer morning, with the neighbor’s bird cheerfully singing within meters of us, what better than a fresh seasonal sweet and spicy delight?

There’s no recipe or ‘rule’ in making this fruit salad. We first looked in our fruit bowl, chose our fruits, chose our ‘dressing’, added some kick, then some extra kick and ate away!

To make 2 servings we used:

1 big apple (royal gala)
1 ripe banana
4 ripe plums 
handful of dry cranberries

To add some kick, on top of the fruits we sprinkled:

poppy seeds
sesame seeds 
chia seeds

To make the dressing we used:

1 TBSP raw honey (or maple/agave syrup)
2 TBSP fresh lemon juice

For a bit of extra kick, we added a dash of chili powder to the dressing.

It was such a delicious way to start the day that we even licked the top of the glasses. Especially since they were a bit glazed with honey and coconut!

C. & B.

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