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May 13 (today) is or better said was international hummus day. And I missed it! Out of all appreciation days, I missed hummus?! To think of all the hummus I could have had.

But then again, nothing is lost for hummus day is every day.

Now, as a sign of appreciation for all the happy hummus times past and future, I’ll share few universal hummus truths.

  • If you love hummus you’re not alone.
  • The number of people claiming that their hummus is the best, the most unique, the most distinctive, the smoothest, the most flavorful – that number is huge; more than I can count. But there’s not point in counting because my hummus is truly the best.
  • Hummus, especially the one made at home, is super healthy and nutritious and packed with goodness. End of story.
  • Hummus can be enjoyed with everything, on everything, in anything. Fact.
  • Hummus inspired many Game of Thrones moments. ‘The things I do for hummus’. ‘Hummus always pays its debts’. ‘I shall show you no hummus.’ ‘It’s not easy eating hummus all the time’. ‘There is nothing else like hummus. Only hummus.’ ‘Don’t leave me without hummus in this world.’ aaannd of course ‘A hummus is coming.’ 
  • Hummus inspired so many other things which we take for granted. Make hummus not war. Sounds familiar?

As further sign of appreciation, a round up of all things hummus.

Broad beans falafel aka hummus and veggie patties.

Broad bean falafel aka hummus veggie patties

Hummus accessories.


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