Cold brewed French Earl Grey iced tea

french earl grey ice teaDid you know you can make iced tea without turning on the heat? Cold brewed tea is my favorite type of iced tea. I find the flavors are more delicate. I like that I can add subtle hints of orange or dried lavender, without these overpowering the flavor of the tea. And, I find it the easiest method. As if making tea is difficult. Anywhoo. I add the tea, plus other ingredients and water to a mason jar, pop it in the fridge, forget all about it until the next day when it is ready for me to enjoy.

french earl grey ice teaSummer and iced tea are best buddies, especially when no boiling is involved and no waiting for the tea to cool down before refrigerating it.

french earl grey ice tea

french earl grey ice teaYesterday I made my iced tea with French Earl Grey from Deitea, kindly sent to me by MrEarl to try. Each month this Melbourne based premium tea company sends its customers a sample box of three specialty teas. So it goes like this: you sample, you like, you buy your favorite. In this month’s box, in addition to the amazing French Earl Grey, you’ll also find a gorgeous organic fresh mint tea that smells outta this world (from Informal Tea Co.) and some Kenko matcha tea, which I already had the pleasure to enjoy.

french earl grey ice teaWhile making my iced black tea this time, I felt urged to pair it with the water of a young coconut. And boy oh boy did I stumble upon a heavenly taste! The mildly sweet, nutty flavor of the coconut water topped off with the subtle hibiscus, calendula and rose petal flowery hints of the tea make such a beautiful love affair. I am smitten and hope you will be too.

Once your tea is brewed, pour it over a glass of ice and enjoy it by itself, or add orange slices or fresh mint. A little taste of heaven on hot summer days.

french earl grey ice teaI feel this post should come with a disclosure. I dig teas. All of them, as long as they are good teas, made of quality ingredients, and preferably loose leaf. Black, green, herbal, spiced – I believe there is a time, place and purpose for all in my life. And you should definitely make them part of yours.  Now off you go and brew a cuppa.

Cold brewed French Earl Grey iced tea
Author: Chris
Serves: 1 L
  • Water of 1 young coconut (I got about 450 ml)
  • 550 ml water
  • 3 tsp Deitea French Earl Grey loose leaf
  • 1 tsp sweetener of choice (honey / maple syrup) + 2 TBSP warm water
  1. Mix the honey or maple syrup with the warm water to help dissolve it.
  2. Combine honey, tea, coconut water and water in a mason jar, pop the lid and place it in the fridge.
  3. Let it brew overnight.
  4. Strain and serve the next day with orange slices or fresh mint.
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