Cinnamon and orange ‘churros’ with chili chocolate ‘sauce’

orange cinnamon churros with chili chocolate sauceWhat weekend would this be if it would not start with a wee bit of ‘mock’ chocolate? Or maybe A LOT?

orange cinnamon churros with chili chocolate sauceThe idea to make healthified churros came to me as I was trying to come up with a finger food type of dessert, to match the pumpkin and caramelized onion pizza I’m planning for today’s Finger Food Friday Movie Night.

orange cinnamon churros with chili chocolate sauceThey are so so much fun to eat! I mean, after all I’m talking about dipping something in chocolate. That is fun by definition, no matter what planet you’re living on. Even when that chocolate is not chocolate per se.

orange cinnamon churros with chili chocolate sauceThere are so many ways to make a healthier chocolate sauce (without butter, sugar, milk and so on). You can use soaked cashews as a base, coconut oil, cocoa butter or even fresh avocado! My choice for today was to make the chocolate sauce with bananas as I’m training for a short race these days and my body needs the goodness that bananas provide (yes, I had some ‘churros’ for breakfast before my run). Feel free to experiment with whatever options you have available in your pantry.

orange cinnamon churros with chili chocolate sauceYou will absolutely love them. The orange flavors come across so nice and refreshing. The cashews and linseed make them crunchy and gooey, while the honey gives a nice creaminess and stickiness. The sauce is very smooth and creamy, delicate in flavor and with a strong spicy kick at the end. Grab, dip, bite, munch. You will love them to the bits!

Cinnamon and orange ‘churros’ with chili chocolate ‘sauce’
Author: TalesofaKitchen
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 7-8
  • 1 cup cashews
  • 3 TBSP linseed, ground
  • 3 TBSP almond meal
  • 3 TBSP honey
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • zest of 1 orange
  • 1 fresh banana
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 4 TBSP cocoa
  • chili powder (optional, to taste)
  1. Add the cashews to a food processor and pulse for 1 minute, until they get finely crumbled. I would not use a blender as it’s good to have a bit of texture.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine cashews with linseed, almond meal, honey, cinnamon and orange zest.
  3. Shape the ‘dough’ into churros shapes and place in fridge, covered. Best to leave them refrigerated for at least 20-30 minutes, but good to serve immediately as well.
  4. Add bananas, cocoa and chili to a blender and pulse until you get creamy, smooth thick ‘mock’ chocolate sauce.
  5. Serve with coconut flakes or dessicated coconut. And don’t forget to get messy. It’s the best way to enjoy them.


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