Hi! I’m really glad you’re here and that you’re curious enough to read this page.

I‘ve been around since 1983 and I’m currently living in Perth, Western Australia. I used to work for the United Nations and manage a non profit organization promoting education in disadvantaged communities. I prepared for my dream job for about 10 years, with 2 uni degrees, a masters with Notthingham Uni, postgraduate courses with Oxford and Copenhagen Unis. But life sometimes happens and our paths take us places we wouldn’t even imagine. Few years ago I moved to Australia and with wild enthusiasm I pursued a big passion of mine. Cooking. At this very moment I am exactly where I am meant to be.

The blog was born because I love food and because I believe in food. I believe it can have the power to give us control of our own wellbeing and I believe it can help us be the best we can be.

I also started to blog out of mere sadness and desperation with regards to our global health and in a futile attempt to try to change something. Anything. It saddens me to hear the numbers on preventable diseases, on heart disease, on diabetes, on cancer. I cry, as much as I cry when I hear the numbers on starvation and hunger. Something is fundamentally wrong with our world today. Our society is chronically ill. And it pains me that the solutions thrown about are mere quick fixes and patches, which although technologically awe worthy, are aimed at fixing the symptoms rather than the causes. Economic interests, political interests, all sorts of interests except a genuine interest in our global wellbeing, or the wellbeing of the animals which are treated as production units, or the wellbeing of our environment which we still take for granted.

Never before has our society had such a need for change.

Never before has our planet needed a movement towards a plant based diet.

So I blog.

I blog out of hope for a global, plant based movement that will empower us to regain control of our health, the health of our oceans, our topsoil, our forests and the overall health of our planet.

I blog to inspire YOU to eat more plants for the wellbeing of the creatures that would otherwise lead a cruel and unjust life.

I blog to give the middle finger salute to factory farming and fishing, to industrialized pollution and to money driven junk food establishments.

And I blog dreaming of results beyond my imagination.

In addition to my blog, I built the Raw by Chris brand, a local wholefood business on a mission to challenge the traditional dessert industry and the love affair with refined grains, refined sugars, dairy and eggs.

I am also currently building the Little Raw Deli brand, a tiny but mighty vegan deli on a mission to showcase how beautiful, vibrant and delicious vegan food is.

The highlight of my career was publishing my cookbook last year. Nourishing Noodles embodies everything I believe in: beautiful, colourful, quick, easy, fun, delicious, plant based whole foods. I wrote the book hoping to inspire more people to give plants a chance, to pick up a new veggie at the market next time and transform it into a new, exciting meal. I am immensely proud of the book and consider it one of my biggest achievements.


Fun facts.

  • I’m a tahini addict, a banana nut, half-marathoner-yogi-wannabe and daily smoothie sipper.
  • When I started this blog few years ago I was mostly vegetarian and on occasions I would eat seafood, cheese and free range eggs. Then I stopped eating dairy. Then I stopped eating seafood. Then I stopped eating eggs. And then all that is left today is plants 🙂
  • Most of the recipes on this blog are raw.
  • LOVE farmers markets. Love fresh seasonal food, local and organic as much as possible.
  • Love to make most things from scratch, this includes growing my own herbs, making my own spice mixes, canning and preserving fruits and veggies, making tomato juice and paste, and even making my own bread.

A very serious fact. I’m going to occasionally support causes, because the heart wants what it wants. Did you know that the United Nation’s primary goal is to end extreme poverty and hunger? Not surprisingly, since nearly 15% of people all around world are estimated to be undernourished. This has further negative impact in other aspects of life: people (or kids!) who suffer from hunger & extreme poverty will not be able to focus on getting an education, they won’t have the same access to healthcare or equal opportunities to get a job and ensure basic needs.

So in addition to talking about all things delicious, our own wellbeing and happiness, we need to think and talk about and act for the wellbeing of others.

Thank you for (still) reading! What next?

PSS: The blog runs Ads, so there’s a Disclosure Policy. I also have another Disclosure about what TalesofaKitchen is and what it’s not.

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