The Forbidden Fruit – Frozen choc mousse in berry chocolate

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

People! I’m sure you don’t need me to come tell you now that today is FOOD REVOLUTION DAY. Which means we cook food from scratch, we talk about healthy nourishment, about teaching our kids how to cook, we sing petitions – everything and anything required to create change. What I absolutely love about it this year is that more than 1.000.000 signatures have been raised to put compulsory practical food education on school curriculums. I will let that piece of news sit with you for a bit. …

Can you grasp the magnitude of such a change? If youngsters would connect with their food, if they’d know where it comes from, what’s in it, if they would make more informed choices….well, I dream of a future less ridden by diet related diseases and I believe this is a good step forward. So go on, sign the petition if you haven’t already and be part of the change.

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

To do my bit today, I decided to take a stand (again) against sugar. Same ol’ white sugar, the processed white ‘stuff’ that does nothing good for our bodies. On the contrary, seems to be the cause of pretty much everything wrong healthwise – causes inflammation, creates escalating addiction, hyperactivity, tooth decay to name few. Yuk! Change is happening, more and more people are switching to healthier sweeteners, but it is slow change, sooo darn slow.

The other day I was watching Masterchef Australia (love the show, guilty as charged, I’m glued to the TV every evening these days!). The judges challenged the contestants to create the most indulgent, naughtiest of desserts they can think of. Imagine my disappointment when all of them cooked with white sugar. Yes, they created truly impressive desserts, BUT. A big but. Truly impressive, delicious, naughty desserts can be made with healthier ingredients. Fact.


To prove my point, I decided to attempt a healthy makeover of the winning dessert – The Forbidden Fruit – an apple that’s not an apple, but frozen chocolate mousse, wrapped up in berry chocolate, nestled on chocolate soil with all the works. What did I manage to create? Exactly that! Except my dessert, while still lipsmacking delicious, is raw, vegan, completely unprocessed, free of dairy, processed sugar, made with no colorings or artificial anything. Fancy that. I love it when I’m right. It CAN be done.

And my raw chocolate cracks and crumbles as well.

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

And my mousse filling is rich and soft and dreamy too!

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

This is the original. What do you think?

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

Please share this recipe with anyone who still does not believe incredible desserts can be made with good for you ingredients! This really should not be news anymore.

Forbidden fruit chocolate mousse apple in berry chocolate

Now that I got all that off my chest, onto the recipe!

The Forbidden Fruit – Frozen choc mousse in berry chocolate

Makes 2

Ingredients for apple

  • meat of 1 young coconut
  • a bit of the coconut water
  • 1 TBSP raw honey or maple syrup
  • pinch vanilla seeds
  • 1 TBSP melted coconut oil
  • 1 TBSP melted cacao butter
  • 4 TBSP raw cacao powder
  • 4 fresh or frozen raspberries
  • to coat the apple, unfortunately I used a trademarked recipe for raw organic chocolate from RawbyChris and I cannot share that just yet. But the mousse apple would be gorgeous coated in dark chocolate (use this recipe) to which I would suggest you add 1 tsp of freeze dried raspberry powder for that berry kick.

Ingredients for soil

  • 2 raw walnut brownies, crumbled (I used this recipe) & make 2-4 tiny balls as well out of the same mix
  • 2 TBSP cacao nibs
  • fresh mint leaves
  • tiny chocolates in the shape of flowers (if you don’t have moulds to create that, simply crumble some chocolate pieces)
  • fresh or dry raspberries


  1. First we make the mousse apple. Now, I don’t have special moulds to make that, so I had to improvise. I used 4 espresso shot glasses, lined them with cling wrap.
  2. Add to the blender coconut meat, water, sweetener, vanilla, cacao, coconut oil and cacao butter and blitz until you get a smooth, silky choc mousse. Taste and adjust sweetness to your liking. Pour into your moulds, equal quantities in each. Place 1 raspberry in the middle of each and pop into the freezer until set.
  3. In the meantime, make the brownie mix. Don’t bother creating any shapes as you need it crumbled. If you want, simply make few tiny balls for decorating the soil.
  4. Make the chocolate as well, as per recipe. Taste and adjust sweetness. Set aside in a warm place to keep it melted until you need it.
  5. Once the mousse is frozen, remove it from the moulds (get rid of the cling wrap carefully, don’t leave any bits behind!) and stick 2 halves together. Gently press them together, they should stick without a problem. Using the warmth of your hands, try to shape them by applying gentle pressure to create an apple looking shape. You will see that the mousse will begin to slightly melt in your hands as you are applying pressure, you will have to do this step rather quickly.
  6. When you are happy with your shape, place the apples on a flat plate, bottoms up, and pour chocolate on top. Let it drip. Once chocolate is set (it will set very quickly as the mousse is cold) flip the apples and pour chocolate on top to cover them fully in chocolate.
  7. Prick the top with a toothpick and if you want to get fancy, place an apple stem with a small mint leaf there.
  8. Pop the apples in the fridge until ready to serve.
  9. To serve, create your soil or brownie crumble, chocolate bits, cacao nibs, fresh or dry raspberries, fresh mint. Place the apples on the soil and serve. Not before taking a picture and sharing that with me on Instagram though!

Enjoy! Stay nourished & teach your kids how to cook with wholefoods. Be part of the change.

Big love. xx

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